Claudia Bernardi

Gentle Voices, 2006

Examples of Bernardi’s works will be on display throughout the Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture (NDCAC) from September 24 – October 24, 2014. 

The works on display showcase works spanning Bernardi’s rich career.  Among them are pieces that were created with the Segura Arts Studio, which is housed at the NDCAC.

Bernardi, Professor of Community Arts at California College of the Arts, was born in Argentina.  She has worked extensively to build community healing through the arts around the world with projects like The Disappeared are Appearing  (2014), Walls of Hope  (2013), and “Reclaiming Our Environment” (2011).  Bernardi works with forensic anthropology teams to identify victims of atrocities and to what happened to those peoples.  The impact of this work is heavily evident in her works, which often shroud the broken or piecemeal figures with color—protecting them.

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