Community Offering to the Altar of Freedom

The Altar of Freedom awaits the most important elements to be placed on and around the altar with contributions from the community. Offerings for the dead is a part of celebrations in many cultures such as the Mexican Day of the Dead.  It provides an opportunity to pay respect, tribute, and commemoration to our ancestors.  Additionally, to recommit to what they have created, taught us, and have asked us to carry on into the future.

Please help bring the Altar of Freedom to life by donating and placing on the altar with the following items.

  • Shoes and boots, all kinds and sizes, representative of the leaders, workers, students, families who have and continue to march and work for civil rights in the U.S. and internationally. (Note: that we will not be able to return donated shoes)
  • Keys for the African Heritage aspect of the Altar. Elegua is the Yoruba God who is the “Keeper of the Path” and thus the holder of the keys for all of the ways and roads of our lives. (It is important that the keys be no longer needed by the donors).
  • Rosaries and photographs of deceased people (of any ethnic or cultural group) for the more “traditional – Mexican” aspect of our Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Altar.
  • Participation via comments on the blog, for those who are physically present in South Bend and especially for those who can only join contributing to the Altar of Freedom virtually.