Figures in Print

Figurative Works from the Segura Arts Studio

Figures in Print Exhibition

The Figure, In Print, 1987-2007 presents 12 figurative works revealing the range of the print medium—lithography, intaglio, wood cut, aquatint, monotype and photolithograph. The featured artists are Claudia Bernardi, Elizabeth Catlett, Enrique Chagoya, Daniel Martin Diaz, Peter Drake, Lawrence Gipe, Luis Jimenez, Faith Ringgold, Andres Serrano and William Wegman

Human figures are visible throughout recorded history and popular culture, figures useful in the imagination of the larger body politic, its localized constituencies, and individual identities. These figures are our powerful representatives, ambassadors of our aspirations, and models of what we wish to appear to be to the rest of the world. The human figure is both a realization and a precursor of identity, each identity an imaginary unto itself, lodged within the larger collective imaginary as the images, symbols, metaphors, and representations found at the center of the arts, entertainment, advertising, and popular musings. These figures affect one another in proximity, configuring together within a mutual formulation of identity


(Edited from; James Haywood Rolling Jr., The Human Figure, Encyclopedia of Identity)

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