Guayasamín's Art in Motion

Top Left: Oswaldo Guayasamín; Right: Mural Ecuador (1952) by Oswaldo Guayasamín (Huacayñán) Courtesy of the Fundación Guayasamín ©

Top Left: Oswaldo Guayasamín. Right: Mural Ecuador (1952) by Oswaldo Guayasamín (Huacayñán). Courtesy of the Fundación Guayasamín. ©


Identity is always in motion. Such is the feeling behind Guayasamín’s mural. Intended to represent the inherent antagonisms and racial multiplicity of the Ecuadorian nation, the mural is composed of five movable and interchangeable panels. Unfortunately, the mural, which is currently exhibited in La Capilla del Hombre, Quito, Ecuador, was framed and thus immobilized…until now. 

Art in Motion


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Photography of the Receptions at the NDCAC and of Guayasamín's Preview by Marc Parroquin 2014


Click the links below to see photographs from the exhibition as it travels:

Capilla Del Hombre Exhibit

The interactive exhibit (iPad) now part of the permanent exhibit at the museum Capilla del Hombre in Quito, Ecuador which houses the original Mural Ecuador and provided the digital scans used to recreate the mural as it travels.


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Lesson Plans

“Art in Motion / Guayasamín's Ecuador Unframed: An Interdisciplinary Resource Packet for Teachers” includes socio-historical background on the artist and his work  from the panels accompanying the exhibit - written by Carlos A. Jáuregui, comments made at the opening lecture/reception by Pablo Guayasamín - the artist's grandson and current director of the Fundación Guayasamín, and the lecture presented by Michael Handelsman.  These materials give background information for the dozen lesson plans prepared by South Bend area teachers covering art literacy and visual arts, English language arts, mathematics, and Spanish language and culture.  

Teachers accessing the resources electronically can scroll over the links which are hyper-linked and can easily access the web resources in that way.  Also, please note that the margins for the pages are set with "gutters" so that the packet can be printed and bound or stapled along the left edge.


Enjoy using these resources.  We hope you find them inspirational to put "Art in Motion"!


Lesson Plans for Guayasamín's Art in Motion 2014 a Resource Packet for Teachers created by the Art in Motion project.

Image of Ecuador for teacher use

Inspired Lesson Plans:

  • The MirrorA project based on Oswaldo Guayasaminartist of Ecuador by Neli Ouzounova (WKU Art instructor, Bowling Green Community and Technical Colleges instructor)

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Lecture Series Videos

Clicking on the following link will take you to YouTube to view the lecture series videos created in conjunction with the Guayasamín exhibition.  Click here to view the videos.


For links to specific videos, click below on the names of the presenters.  Their names are followed by brief descriptions of what their specific videos are about.

·         Santiago Quintero: Santiago sheds light on the sociopolitical context of Guayasamín’s life and artwork.

·         Paola Uparela Reyes: La presentación de Paola expone la primera gran colección de Guayasamín, Huacayñán que fue comisionada por el gobierno ecuatoriano durante los años cincuenta.

·         Paola Uparela Reyes (English Subtitled): Paola discusses Guayasamín's first major collection, Huacayñán, commissioned by the Ecuadorian government in the early 1950's.

·         Alejandro Castrillón: Alejandro's focus is how the political and social movements that occurred during Guayasamín's life influenced the vast body of work that he produced.

·         Laura Fernandez: Laura discusses the various definitions of identity and how its meaning has changed over various social periods, ultimately looking at how Oswaldo Guayasamín's identity shaped his artwork.

​For a link to the compilation videos please click the following link: Art in Motion: Oswaldo Guayasamín video

For a link to the complete videos playlist please click the following link: Guayasamín Video Playlist 

To view the closing reception lecture by Regiana Harrison, University of Maryland Professor of Comparative Literature and Anthropology, titled "Artifacts: Art and Facts...Imagining Ecuador" please click here, or watch the video below.


Special thanks to Marc Parroquin, Editor and Director of Photography for his work on this project.


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Press Archives

  Art in Motion- Guayasamín's Ecuador Unframed  

This fall (2014) the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture will be exhibiting the mural Ecuador (1952) by Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. The government of Ecuador commissioned the mural, charging Guayasamín to depict the history and identity of Ecuador and its people. This will be the first time the mural has been seen outside of South America and gaining a sneak-peek at the panels will be the students participating in the NDCAC's summer camps during June and July (2014).

Each camp will focus on the idea of "Identity" inspired by Guayasamín's mural while exploring art, photography, cooking, and creative writing. At the grand opening in September, the work the students create during the camps will be on display alongside Guayasamín's.

To learn more about the NDCAC's summer camps please visit:

Please see our links below for more information:

Click the links below for the Travelling Exhibition information:


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Funding for ART IN MOTION / GUAYASAMÍN’S ECUADOR UNFRAMED has been provided by: the Fundación Guayasamín; the Kellogg Institute for International Studies of the University of Notre Dame; the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture; the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts-Henkels Lecture Fund; the Notre Dame Center for Creative Computing; the Notre Dame Office of Research; the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi; the Notre Dame Center for Social Concerns; a College of Arts and Letters Teaching Beyond the Classroom Grant; Morris Inn at Notre Dame; the Notre Dame Departments of Romance Languages and Literatures, Africana Studies, and Anthropology; the Institute for Latino Studies; and The Frame Factory.


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Alternate Exhibition Venues

Follow Guayasamín's Ecuador as it travels to the following locations:


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