Women's Heritage Month

March is Women's Heritage Month and to celebrate we've put together some great programming.

  • Meet 5 local entrepreneurs from the Michiana Community on Wednesday's this month. For a complete list of women run or lead businesses in the area, click here. (Did we miss someone?  Send us an email here and we'll add them to the list.)
  • Learn about the Dress Doctors, their role in Home Economics, and how it affects us today with Professor Pski on Thursday, March 23 at noon.  (We'll be live streaming this on Facebook too if you can't be here in person!)
  • Rolling out a social media campaign-- #TellMeAboutHer.  For more information about how to get involoved, click here.
  • Exhibition by the Indiana Women's Caucus for the Arts (local women artists)
  • We've compiled book lists, movie lists, and online resources about or by women.
  • List of places to volunteer.


March 2017 Women's Heritage Month Programming
    1: Working Women Wednesday 2: #TellMeAboutHer Roundup 3 4 5
6 7 8: Working Women Wednesday

9: #TellMeAboutHer Roundup

Indiana Women's Caucus for the Arts Reception

10 11 12
13 14 15: Working Women Wednesday 16: #TellMeAboutHer Roundup 17 18 19
20 21 22: Working Women Wednesday

23: #TellMeAboutHer Roundup

12:00 PM Professor Pski Lecture

24 25: Film Screening 26
27 28 29: Working Women Wednesday 30: #TellMeAboutHer Roundup 31