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As a part of the Taller Fronterizo/Border Workshop collaboration, the NDCAC worked along with artists, print studios, and scholars in the US and Mexico on a new initiative, "El Gran México/Greater Mexico." This project aimed to address the multiple and complex ways that the border between Mexico and the United States has impacted and shaped culture in the borderlands and beyond.

We invited six artists (Adriana Corral, Hector Duarte, Esperanza Gama, Ramiro Rodriguez, Alejandro Romero, and Nitza Tufino) to join us in our Segura Arts Studio for a Monoprint Workshop on August 14-16, 2014. These artists had the opportunity to participate in a multi-national event, enabling a much broader audience to engage in their works. The workshop allowed us to explore the ways art can communicate and change perceptions about reified categories that continue to obscure communication and social realities of borders and migration experiences.

Monoprint Workshop artists working in the Segura Arts Studio  Monoprint Workshop artists working in the Segura Arts Studio

As a part of the Monoprint Workshop project, two prints from each artist were exhibited at El Centro Cultural Tijuana on September 10, 2014.  Along with providing the artists with the opportunity to participate in a multi-national event, the Monoprint Workshop and Taller Fronterizo initiative strengthened existing relationships and promoted the partnering institutions to wider audiences. We are confident that this new artwork will contribute to the cultural legacy in both sides of the US-Mexican border and other countries from the Americas who are experiencing new waves of migration and transnational experiences.

Prints made at El Nopal Press

Prints made at Segura Arts Studio

Thank you to our sponsors for making this project possible: 

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