Dave Ramsey's Core Financial Wellness Program at NDCAC


Location: NDCAC at 1045 W. Washington Street, South Bend

Empower yourself financially with help from Notre Dame Federal Credit Union through a core financial wellness program.  An easy and effective way to relieve financial stress and to learn how to grow your money.

This newly condensed 9-week course cuts through all the confusing financial jargon and shows you how to take control of your money by creating financial circumstances of your choosing.  This workshop is for everyone no matter what stage of life you are in or the level of your financial expertise.  This workshop is taught by best-selling author and financial counselor, Dave Ramsey.

Start your Total Money Makeover program through enrollment by August 28, 2013.  Register on ndfcu.org/ramsey or call directly to the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (800-522-6611)