“Created Equal” Film Series: The Loving Story


Location: Civil Rights Heritage Center at the Natatorium

Dr. Marc Rodriguez (Indiana University South Bend) will lead a pre-film discussion of the issues and social context of “The Loving Story." The screening will follow.

After the film, guests will be invited to participate in a "Q and A". Materials from the National Endowment of the Humanities website will be made available, and Dr. Rodriguez will provide links and other information via online materials and resources.


About the film (from the "Created Equal" website):

When Mildred and Richard Loving were arrested in July 1958, in Virginia, for violating a state law that banned marriage between people of different races, such laws had been on the books in most states since the seventeenth century. But the Lovings never expected to be woken up in their bedroom in the middle of the night and arrested. The documentary brings to life the Lovings' marriage and the legal battle that followed through little-known filmed interviews and photographs shot for Life magazine.