Dr. Maisha Winn Presents: Building A Lifetime Circle: English Education in the Time of Mass Incarceration


Location: Eck Visitor's Center at Notre Dame


Educators are just beginning to understand the relationship between Mass Incarceration and schools beginning with the infiltration of zero-tolerance policies that have created a “discipline gap” in schools.  In this presentation, Professor Winn argues that we need even more specificity when thinking about how to disentangle teaching and learning with jails, prisons, isolation, and other forms of punishment by focusing on what it would mean to prepare teachers—especially English teachers—to use their work in classrooms to reject efforts to sort, isolate, and remove particular children from school settings.   Reviewing a decade of research in participatory literacy communities (PLCs) both in school and in out-of-school contexts, Professor Winn demonstrates how a Restorative English Education has the potential to support youth and their teachers in becoming civic actors in schools and beyond as they engage in acts of reading, writing, speaking, performing, thinking and doing.