Tax Assistance Program: February through April 2014


Location: Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture

This program is offered to clients with an income limit of $40,000 or less.  Walk-ins are welcomed for this free service between 5:30p.m. and 7:00p.m. on Mondays beginning February 10 through April 14, 2014 (Note: closed on March 10th). 

Location: Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture - Community Relations Department (1045 W. Washington Street)

Taxpayers should bring documentation that applies to their filing needs:

  • social security cards for all individuals listed on the return
  • a driver’s license or government issued identification card
  • copies of tax year 2012 federal and state tax returns
  • W-2 forms
  • other paper work that reports income
  • information from financial institutions

Information concerning possible itemized deductions should be made available to the tax preparation volunteers. Such deductions include:

  • real estate taxes
  • personal property taxes
  • medical costs
  • charitable contributions
  • documentation that supports spending for child and/or dependent care

Unemployed taxpayers whose tax year earnings were at or below the TAP income limit $40,000 prior to collecting taxable unemployment benefits, even if the total of earnings and unemployment exceed the limit.

Clients for the domestic side of the Tax Assistance Program (TAP) qualify by:

  • Being either US citizens or legal permanent residents
    • (LPR, or green card holders)
  • Having tax year earnings at or below the TAP income limit

Tax preparers are Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College accounting student volunteers familiar with US tax law. 

Additionally, the program provides individual on-site help (at home, extended care facility, social service agency) to mobility impaired taxpayers unable to visit a regularly scheduled TAP return preparation center. During this tax season telephone 574-631-7863 to request such help. After April 15, please call 574-631-4644 for follow-up service in the domestic program.