What is Your Smithsonian Doing to Stay Relevant?


Location: The Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, Annenberg Auditorium

Secretary Wayne Clough outside of the Smithsonian Institution


The Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture at the Snite Museum of Art Annenberg Auditorium from 1-2PM on May 9th presents a lecture by Secretary Wayne Clough of the Smithsonian Institution.

Secretary Clough is the 12th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.  A graduate of Georgia Tech in Civil Engineering and with a doctorate from University of California Berkeley also in Civil Engineering, he has been at the Smithsonian since 2008.  According to the Smithsonian website “Clough is responsible for an annual budget of $1 billion, 6,400 employees and 6,200 volunteers.”

Clough will discuss what your Smithsonian is doing on the local, national, and global level to remain relevant in a world where there are infinite options competing for the attention span of young and old alike, where our country is becoming ever more diverse, where we face pressing global problems, and where digital technology is transforming society at a rapid pace. 

This event is free of charge and open to the public.