Walking AlongSide Seminar


Location: Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, 1045 W. Washington Street

Compassionate Care: Strategies for Coping

With Caregiver Fatigue



Whether you are caring for a sick child, spouse or aging parent, at some point caregivers experience mental and physical fatigue.  This Walking Alongside session, led by Dr. Dominic Vachon, will address some of the causes of this phenomenon and offer several strategies for dealing with fatigue.


About Our Speaker

Dominic O. Vachon M.Div., Ph.D. is the John G. Sheedy M.D. Director of the Ruth M. Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine at the University of Notre Dame that advances the scientific theory and practice of compassionate care in medicine.  He is also Professor of the Practice in the Department of Preprofessional Studies in the College of Science and is a practicing psychologist. 


Vachon graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy.  In 1985, he earned a Master of Divinity from the University of Notre Dame.  In 1993, he earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University, Chicago. 


He has devoted the last 25 years of his professional career to supporting and training physicians, residents, medical students, premedical students, nurses, and other clinicians in patient communication skills as well as dealing with burnout and the recovery of compassionate care in the inner lives of clinicians and anyone who is involved in caregiving.  He is also a practicing psychologist with a specialty in neurofeedback therapy.  He provides workshops and consulting nationally in the areas of maintaining balanced caring in the helping professions, doctor-patient communication skills, and applying scientific research on compassion to medical practice, and caregiver stress and burnout.  


He teaches courses on the science of compassionate care in medicine, medical counseling skills, and spiritualities of compassion.  He is author of How Doctors Care:  The Science of Compassionate and Balanced Caring which will be released in August of 2019.