The NDCAC Global Experience


We currently live in a world where technology has made the world a smaller place, with each of us having three degrees of separation. Human interaction and the understanding of art and cultural differences is lacking.

The Global Experience provides an opportunity for people to actively participate in learning about other cultures. That exposure helps to eliminate the fear we often experience with things that are foreign and helps us appreciate and enjoy the cultural differences that make this world an interesting place.

We strive to educate students and community members on the rich cultural diversity and history of our world. We collaborate across the Notre Dame disciplines, with our peers in higher education, and with the community at large to develop programming which complements classroom experiences.

Our overarching goal is to cultivate audiences for cultural events both on and off-campus throughout the Michiana community. We want to celebrate as a community, strengthening our relationships and in the process bring the world to South Bend and change the community one heart at a time.