Closing reception Oct 28th  5:00PM-7:00PM. 

Program with guest speakers at 6:00PM at the NDCAC on 1045 W. Washington St.

Guest Speakers include: 

  • Regina Harrison, Professor of Comparative Literature/English an Affiliate Professor of History, University of Maryland.

  • Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Alice Drysdale Sheffeild Professor of History, University of Texas-Austin, Kellogg Research Fellow (2014-2015)

For directions to the NDCAC, click here.


  • Poster for Los descendientes del jaguar

    November 6, 2014--Presentation of Documentary "Los descendientes del jaguar" and Skype chat with Indigenous director of documentary Eriberto Benedicto Gualinga in Saracuya in  the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

For a link to the video, please click the following title. Los Descendientes del Jaguar

For a copy of the handout from this event, please click the following. hand_out_los_descendientes_del_jaguar.pdf

Eriberto Benedicto Gualinga is the head of Selvas Productions and the director of the documentaryLos Descendientes del Jaguar. The documentary follows the lives of the inhabitants of Sarayaku in the southern Amazonic region of Ecuador and their fight against multinationals seeking to exploit oil reserves beneath the Amazon forest floor. Eriberto filmed the documentary over a six-month period, from June to December 2011. The work has been screened in a number of venues such as the National Geographic All Roads Film Festival, Colombia's Indigenous Peoples’ Film and Video Festival, Ecuador's EDOC (Encounters of the Other Cinema) Festival, and the Brussels International Film Festival.