2016 Summer Newsletter

Author: Catherine De Rue

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We continue to work hard in reaching out in the local community and the entire region of Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan, as well as across the nation, and internationally.  Notre Dame’s presence is viewed by many residents of the community as constituting a big boast to the neighborhood. 

We take great pride in sponsoring over 11 exhibitions this year at our Crossroads Gallery and at other locations- campus and beyond. The Crossroads Gallery provides visitors opportunities for various kinds of visual experiences- this includes visitors who come specifically to view the art work on display or who visit the NDCAC for a variety of other purposes.

We are particularly pleased with the level of collaboration between the units housed here- the Office of Community Relations, the Segura Art Studio and the mix of educational programs sponsored by the Robinson Center as well as Crossroads Gallery. The combined impact of these programs in the community is outstanding.

We are very happy to report that the number of academic units, faculty and students who have been involved with the Center in various capacities continues to grow and contributes significantly to the success of the Universities efforts to carry out all areas of its mission.

We look forward to greater success in reaching our endowment goals aimed in the near future to reduce our high reliance on University subvention and high dependence on revenue and grant support. Ideally in the long run with your assistance and help from the Office of Development we will be able to raise a sufficiently strong endowment to support our operation and programming.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope to see you in October at the "Tea Time for Arts," benefit.  

Gilberto Cardeñas

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